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Testimonial from our local police department regarding our recent talk as part of their employee training.

“Please accept my sincere thanks for your participation in our in-service training program.  Many of the officers and other employees have told me they found your presentation both informative and entertaining.  I found myself taking note, not only of the subject material, but also of the manner of your presentation.  I was extraordinarily impressed with a teaching technique that projects a thorough command of the material in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere.  You are a “natural” for this type of presentation and a role model for professionalism.  Your 2 hours were a highlight of the training day.  You made me look like a genius for recommending you to fill a two-hour segment that instantly became a highlight of the training day.”

Rick Hord – Support Service Manager – Ft. Walton Police Department

“I have been visiting with Dr. Hutchison for a year and a half with regular adjustments to my neck back and hips. I DO NOT take pain relievers on a daily basis anymore which In turn has helped my stomach problems. There seems to be a chain reaction of positive actions!!! After a long day at work I am tired and after each adjustment I have energy and am able to do what needs to be done at home.”


One year ago I could hardly sit still in school because of my lower back hurt so much. After I started coming in for adjustments, not only did the pain go away but my headaches disappeared and I rarely get sick! I feel like a new person!!!


“My experience with the SP Detox system was awesome! Though weight loss wasn’t my goal, I managed to lose 7 lbs. All bad, I’m sure. The first few days were rough, but once my body (and brain) acclimated to it I became more enthused. I had more energy, mental acuity was heightened, I felt GREAT!! The highlights of the program, for me were the number of veggies I came to enjoy that I would’ve NEVER even tried otherwise. Most importantly, it re-directed me to the way I know I should eat. For anyone looking for a HEALTHY way to lose weight, and/or in need of a blueprint for clean eating, I HIGHLY recommend Standard Process Detox.”

-Darrell Parson
Personal Trainer Gold’s Gym

“Over the past several years I have suffered from depression, ongoing neck and shoulder stiffness and back pain, chronic sinusitis, knee problems and bad headaches. Then over the Christmas holidays somehow I hurt my back and by the time I saw Dr. Hutchison I was having sever pain radiating from my lower back and down both legs. My activities had been severely limited. Once I saw Dr. Hutchison, I was given an evaluation and she explained to me that I had 2 places that would require ongoing treatment. The changes that have taken place over the last 3 months have turned my life around!! I have no pain, my sinuses have improved, the range of motion in my neck is incredible. I rarely have a headache, I have been able to reduce the antidepressants I am taking which has allowed me to think more clearly and have better memory, and I feel as though my spirit has been lifted. I am also being educated about the ways to continue improving my health. Chiropractic care has given me my life back with promised for a much better future!”


“Dear, Dr. Rachel,

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. After years of chiropractic care I have finally found the right therapy for me and am reaping the benefits 1,000 fold. Although I did always believe I could live without pain, nothing prepared me for the dramatic changes my life would take as your special traction therapy began fully putting my head on straight.

Isn’t that a funny statement here? I have lived and maintained my neck problem and its original negative 12 degree curve quite admirably. My quest to feel like I did in my youth has taken many twists and turns (no pun intended here…)

We met in February of 2008. I have had countless doctors tell me there was nothing I could do but pain management, short of a miracle. Some would allow hope, but after a few years with them the obvious would become clear to me. I was not worse, yet not getting better either.

I don’t know what made me believe in you as a person, and this treatment as an option. Providence just moved me. And I trusted. My sensitivity to my body systems, through my own lifestyle and activity, made me immediately aware that something real and important was happening in the very first week we started. The therapy, corrective exercises, homework, and consistency continue to pay off.

Fifteen degrees of positive movement later, and well on the way to a fully functioning cervical spine, I cannot begin to share the incredible life I am living. Here are a few remarkable things….. I am free from pain (gone are the difficult nights and mornings of stiffness and pain)… bio-chemical adjustments in my brain have lead to a feeling of wellbeing (gone is the sense of impending doom, because my head was literally falling off my body)….core body strength has accelerated and my lymphatic system is pumping around nicely (gone is the edema and swelling I have battled for 20 years)…my personal confidence has skyrocketed and my professional life are balanced and supportive (gone is the experience of needing to hibernate and seclude myself like a wounded animal)

And through it all, you remain steady, professional, caring and consistent in your belief in me and your work. Amazing.

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Dr. Rachel
All my Best.