We are committed to helping as many families as possible become the healthiest version of themselves through world class chiropractic and holistic healthcare.

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Since 2006 we have been healing patients

Since 2006 we have been healing patients with many different health problems, even beyond just neck & back pain. We are a true holistic healthcare facility that seeks to determine the cause of your health problems and do whatever it takes to allow your body to heal naturally.

Ready to begin your journey

Procrastination is one of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to getting the care you truly need. Many people are waiting for their life to slow down or for a more convenient time to get started. There will never be a perfect time to take care of your health, so if you’re even contemplating coming to see us for a current health concern, now is the time, just do it.

What our patients say

“Please accept my sincere thanks for your participation in our in-service training program. Many of the officers and other employees have told me they found your presentation both informative and entertaining. I found myself taking note, not only of the subject material, but also of the manner of your presentation. I was extraordinarily impressed with a teaching technique that projects a thorough command of the material in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere. You are a “natural” for this type of presentation and a role model for professionalism. Your 2 hours were a highlight of the training day. You made me look like a genius for recommending you to fill a two-hour segment that instantly became a highlight of the training day.”

-Rick Hord
Support Service Manager
Ft. Walton Police Department

“Over the past several years I have suffered from depression, ongoing neck and shoulder stiffness and back pain, chronic sinusitis, knee problems and bad headaches. Then over the Christmas holidays somehow I hurt my back and by the time I saw Dr. Hutchison I was having sever pain radiating from my lower back and down both legs. My activities had been severely limited. Once I saw Dr. Hutchison, I was given an evaluation and she explained to me that I had 2 places that would require ongoing treatment. The changes that have taken place over the last 3 months have turned my life around!! I have no pain, my sinuses have improved, the range of motion in my neck is incredible. I rarely have a headache, I have been able to reduce the antidepressants I am taking which has allowed me to think more clearly and have better memory, and I feel as though my spirit has been lifted. I am also being educated about the ways to continue improving my health. Chiropractic care has given me my life back with promised for a much better future!”
“My experience with the SP Detox system was awesome! Though weight loss wasn’t my goal, I managed to lose 7 lbs. All bad, I’m sure. The first few days were rough, but once my body (and brain) acclimated to it I became more enthused. I had more energy, mental acuity was heightened, I felt GREAT!! The highlights of the program, for me were the number of veggies I came to enjoy that I would’ve NEVER even tried otherwise. Most importantly, it re-directed me to the way I know I should eat. For anyone looking for a HEALTHY way to lose weight, and/or in need of a blueprint for clean eating, I HIGHLY recommend Standard Process Detox.”

-Darrell Parson