Services & Techniques

We Offer Solutions For

Headache & Migraines
Pregnant Women / Babies & Children
General Back and Neck Pain
Post-surgical care
Jaw Pain/TMJ Syndrome
Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Care & Techniques

Dr. Rachel has been trained in the prestigious Gonstead system of adjusting. This is one of the most difficult techniques to learn as it is very specific in its force in effort to minimize twisting & torsion of the spine to expedite the healing process. We also offer other great techniques such as: Motion Palpation, Chiropractic Biophysics, Instrument Adjusting (ideal for babies & osteoporotic patients), spinal traction, and myofascial release.

Pregnancy Care

Neck and back care during pregnancy is safe, gentle and reduces pain. Special gentle techniques are utilized to allow room for a developing baby and increased comfort for the mother.

Pediatric Adjusting

During the process of birth the bones of the skull shift upon one another to allow passage through the birth canal. Vacuum extraction, forceps delivery, or maneuvering during a C-section can traumatically torsion delicate head and neck structures. A growing spine has not completely ossified (become fused as bone) and is susceptible to cartilaginous compromise. Kids are notorious for slips and falls, as well as outright trauma. Gentle adjusting forces and cranio-sacral work is used to address these issues. Neonates and Children respond very fast to chiropractic, and generally require less care.


Whole and organic foods are always the best way to provide your body what it needs to function properly, but many times nutritional supplementation is needed. In times of physiological stress, toxicity and injury, supplements are helpful for biochemical repair and function. We only use whole food and pharmaceutical grade products from trusted companies.

What our patients say

“I have been visiting with Dr. Hutchison for a year and a half with regular adjustments to my neck back and hips. I DO NOT take pain relievers on a daily basis anymore which In turn has helped my stomach problems. There seems to be a chain reaction of positive actions!!! After a long day at work, I am tired and after each adjustment, I have energy and am able to do what needs to be done at home.”


My experience with the SP Detox system was awesome! Though weight loss wasn’t my goal, I managed to lose 7 lbs. All bad, I’m sure. The first few days were rough, but once my body (and brain) acclimated to it I became more enthused. I had more energy, mental acuity was heightened, I felt GREAT!! The highlights of the program, for me, were the number of veggies I came to enjoy that I would’ve NEVER even tried otherwise. Most importantly, it re-directed me to the way I know I should eat. For anyone looking for a HEALTHY way to lose weight, and/or in need of a blueprint for clean eating, I HIGHLY recommend Standard Process Detox

Darrell Parson

One year ago I could hardly sit still in school because of my lower back hurt so much. After I started coming in for adjustments, not only did the pain go away but my headaches disappeared and I rarely get sick! I feel like a new person!!!