No More Invasive Treatments or Pain Medication.

Our Stem Cell Machine is an exciting, breakthrough option in the field of regenerative medicine. This treatment is clinically proven, nationally recognized, and FDA cleared with a high success rate in clinical studies.

Previously this machine was only available in Europe or to top athletes: We are proud to be one of the first clinics in Texas to offer Soft Wave Therapy!

Soft Wave Therapy can help people suffering from…

SoftWave has been innovating for decades


First Systematic investigations for the use of shock waves in medicine


German researching with shockwaves and biological tissue in animals


Haeusler and Kiefer report first in-vitro disntegration of a kidney stone with shock wave without direct contact to the stone- lithotripsy


First experiments investigating the influence of shockwaves on bones


First published reports using chock wave therapy on calcific tendinitis. Further investigations lead to successful treatment of epicondylitis and heel spur with reported success rates between 70% and 80%


Softwave  Technical Service, LLC was Founded as a reach and development company and is a direct descendant of lithotripsy

What to expect

The procedure averages 10-15 minutes but may be longer depending on treatment area and diagnosis. A gel is applied to the surface area to be treated. The applicator produces pulses as the clinician moves around the treatment area. During therapy, communication with the provider is necessary to identify treatment areas and monitor progress.

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